Techniques and medical treatments that replace the natural process of reproduction with the aim of facilitating a pregnancy.

A prior study of the couple will be necessary to determine if a type of in vitro fertilization or an intracytoplasmic sperm injection is needed. There is the possibility of resorting to donor gametes, and what will determine whether one technique or another is used will be the etiology of the person using their own gametes.

The woman will undergo medication for ovarian stimulation, getting a greater number of oocytes in that cycle. To subsequently obtain these oocytes, a vaginal aspiration is performed with ultrasound control. Then, an embryo transfer is carried out at the right time, and finally, if there are good quality embryos left over, they will be cryopreserved for the couple’s use.

The ovodonation process consists of obtaining oocytes from a donor. This will be selected by purely medical criteria. In this case, it will be the donor who undergoes ovarian stimulation and oocyte aspiration. They will be provided to the recipient woman to inseminate them with sperm, either from her partner, or from a donor if required. This last step is carried out both in vitro fertilization and insemination.

In addition, it must be taken into account that there is the option of cryopreservation, in case you want to delay the moment of having offspring.

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