We. Medical Facilitators

What is a medical facilitator?

Medical facilitators are responsible for releasing you from all responsibilities and concerns involved in traveling for medical purposes

The decision to travel abroad to undergo both medical and aesthetic and wellness treatments involves a wide variety of factors to consider: research on the clinics that best suit what is needed, finding accommodation, transportation, interpreters, and depending on the length of the stay, you may also want to know the culture and activities that the destination country offers. To all this, the emotional component of a trip of this type must be added, since health is something that must be treated with priority.

Medical facilitators are responsible for freeing you from all those responsibilities and concerns. We take care of finding for you the best treatments in the best clinics, an accommodation of your choice, transportation, accompaniment, airport transfers, translation of reports and interpreter service, management of appointments between different specialists, as well as searching for the medication prescribe, and all with a priority, effective and personalized treatment. Our maxim is to minimize your worries and provide you with an exclusive, trustworthy and 24-hour service. For both you and your companions.

We have years of experience in which we have learned to identify all the needs of patients, and consequently, it has led us to make agreements with numerous prestigious clinics in the Spanish territory, as well as with hotels and accommodation, means of transport (also medicalized in if necessary), interpreters and luxury tourist services.

From the moment you decide to travel to Spain, you can contact us and send us all the documentation so that we can begin with the procedures to facilitate the obtaining of flights and visas if necessary, in addition to being able to carry out a previous study of the situation to be able to refer you to the clinics that best suit your needs. We guarantee for the patients who go through our company, Luxury Medical Care, the highest possible priority.

Our values are the COMMITMENT, the efficient resolution of problems, the preferential and personalized ATTENTION and the CONFIDENTIALITY above all.

On the other hand, for hospitals and clinics we seek to strengthen their brand abroad, make them known and develop strategies to attract new patients, since Medicine in Spain is one of the best.